Team Store

Required for Games

Link to Team Store  - Use discount code MYR50 to receive 50% off shorts.

*** Please order by April 21st to get early pricing. After April 21st prices will increase. Orders placed BEFORE 4/21/23 will be picked up by MYR (not shipped to players' houses) and we will distribute them at practice before our first jamboree.

Each player will need an MYR jersey. 

Starting in 2021, once a player has their jersey, they will not need to purchase another one until they outgrow it. Jerseys are yours to keep. Players U10 and above will also need MYR black shorts. 

Players are requested to purchase their own tall black soccer style socks. 

Players are required to purchase cleats on their own. Soccer cleats tend to work best, but football will work too. Soccer cleats for firm ground use are recommended due to practice on the field turf at Marshdale and generally hard fields in/around the area. Sharp cleats or spikes like those used in baseball are not allowed. Players using football or lacrosse cleats may be required to remove the front toe cleat during games (referee dependent).

Required for Practices