MYR Coaches

All MYR coaches are volunteers with many years of playing and coaching experience across the Youth, High School, College, and Adult/Club levels.

All MYR head coaches and assistant coaches are certified by USA Rugby and Rugby Colorado, including recurring background checks, concussion protocol, player safety/welfare, safe tackling/body positioning, and age-appropriate rugby development skills based on fun/games.

2023 Coaches

Byron Johnson

U8 Co-Ed Flag - Head Coach

Casey Nordwald

U10 Co-Ed Tackle - Head Coach

Adam Dick

U10 Co-Ed Tackle - Assistant Coach

Rob Kuck

U12 Co-Ed Tackle - Head Coach

Nick Westwood

U12 Co-Ed Tackle - Assistant Coach

Julie Lehman

Middle School Girls Tackle - Head Coach

Justin Hugill

Middle School Boys Tackle - Head Coach

Fred Lehman

Middle School Boys Tackle - Assistant Coach

Hermina Lehman

Student Coach

Sydney Kaulback

Student Coach

Brooke Harnisch

Student Coach

Bodi Walter

Student Coach

Tara Richard

Administrator - Registration, Uniforms, Budget, Operations

Michelle Nordwald

Administrator - Registration, Uniforms, Budget, Operations